Looking for an idea for your little lady’s bedroom? Think of some Disney motifs!

The biggest Disney hit of recent years, ‘Frozen’, does not lose its fame among little ladies. Beautiful Elsa, buried in herself and her minor sister Anna, approaching everyone with a positive perspective, can become your daughter’s companions.

disney murals

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Thanks to what? The latest tendencies in interior design let it come true!

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Tendencies in the universe of interior design are switching like in a kaleidoscope.https://www.intive.com/en/blog?tags=Product+Design (https://intive.com/en/blog?tags=Product+Design)Every year, the Pantone Institute picks the new, most stylish color, and the best global creators push fresh interior design currents. For lovers of pleasing interiors it is a true treat! It is also nice to watch the changes taking place and to fish among them the most favorite pearls, according to your own taste and sense of fashion. It is not troublesome to notice that interior modifications affect both “adult” arrangements and kids’ bedrooms. Children are constantly growing and progressing, requiring more and more encouragement and different sources of inspiration. It is worth inserting little periodic changes into the kids’ kingdom, which will be not only a salute to the recent flows, but also an important component that influences the fantasy and creative activity of the child. Wall murals are a solution for all those who appreciate when something interesting is happening inside.

What is more, the offer displayed by stores with wall ornaments is so huge that we can find a product in any topic, motif, color… or we can even design something following our own fantasy. Nothing, thus, prevents Disney murals from appearing on the surfaces of your daughter’s bedroom.